Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder - Summer '16 Release Exam Dumps

App Builder Maintenance:
Universal Containers has an app page active for Salesforce1. What two ways can the App Builder activate the app page in Lightning?
>> Use the activation feature in the Lightning App Builder
>> Add the app page’s Lightning Page tab to a custom Lightning Experience navigation menu in Setup.
What three chart types are available in Lightning Experience?
>> Funnel
>> Combo
>> Scatter
Universal Containers wants to relate a Contact to multiple Accounts. What are the expected two behaviors when the App Builder enables this feature?
>> On Account records, the Related Contact list includes direct Contact and all indirect Contacts.
>> On Contact records, the Related Account list includes primary Account and all indirectly related Accounts.
Where are two places Salesforce Knowledge Articles are accessed?
>> Salesforce1
>> Salesforce Classic
Which two objects can be customized on a Lighting Experience record page?
>> Lead >> Opportunity

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